The hiring process is where the organization's culture begins

Marios Fakiolas
Marios Fakiolas
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The hiring process is where the organization's culture begins

The most valuable asset of every organization is its people. That said the hiring process plays a crucial role into finding talented people who match perfectly with the organization's culture.

Apart from that, the hiring process actually is the start of the journey, so it speaks volumes regarding the organization's ethos and values. Who wants to make a bad first impression, right?

So how do we check for perfect matches?

Use the right tools for the job

We are using tools like Workable to publish and manage our openings.

Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are used to demonstrate them to the world.

Curriculum Vitae scan

A CV cannot describe accurately a talented person, but it can provide some very important details about their background, their interests or even their personality.

Things that stand out:

  • cover letters with a personal flavour
  • involvement with open source projects
  • hobbies, interests and activities outside of working hours
  • social profiles
  • the general feeling that the CV is prepared with ❤️

Why such an interest about social profiles, hobbies and activities?

This is because we are looking first for a human-being that can fit into our team and then for a professional who can do the job.


The very next step is a short technical assignment that lasts less than one (1) hour. Through this assignment we verify that the candidate has the technical knowledge required for this position.

There are tons of online platforms out there that provide excellent tools for this job and help us to automate it as much as possible.

Things we evaluate:

  • soft skills questions, so we spot matches
  • ability to solve algorithms with any programming language
  • deep knowledge of the technologies in question like ReactJS, HTML, CSS, RESTful APIs, MVC, OOP etc


At this stage a thirty (30) minutes interview takes place, so we get to know each other, discuss things that are not mentioned in the CV and analyze the assignment's results.

The candidate asks things about the organization's vision and goals while we try to see whether we are a good fit and vice-versa.

It is important to have a match for both sides in order for this marriage to become a functional one.

Work together period

This is the final stage during which candidates work side by side with some of our people on actual stories and tasks. This period lasts for one (1) week and in the end we evaluate all this together with the candidate.

Through this process, candidates can see what does it mean to work with us in order to eliminate the possibility of any unpleasant surprises after getting hired.

We definitely don't want to waste peoples' time, so candidates are getting paid for their precious time and efforts before getting involved in this process and not after.

Let's make it work then. Cheers!!

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