Space Person, 4th quarter 2023

By HelloWorld PC
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Space Person, 4th quarter 2023

Sofia Tsivoula well deserved!!!


  • Always goes extra mile
  • Great communicator and good listener
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Lands a helping hand when needed


I feel that Sofia has a natural talent on project management and now that we work together I feel she has my back. She is doing an amazing job keeping things organized on multiple fields and also she makes great documentation, I can learn a lot especially from the last one. She also helped me a lot of times during Docker errors and she always has a helping attitude.

This one is personally for me. After Sofia took over some of the PM responsibilities it made my life significantly easier. Even though we still have to fine tune a lot of things, having a person that constantly gives you feedback, asks questions is incredibly useful. Plus she has skills that I am lacking which makes me more motivated and it’s getting more clear what exactly I need to work on.

I'm in awe because of Sofia's talent as a project manager! I suspected that she would do great, but I would never expect that she would make such a huge difference in such a short period of time. If I were to work with Sofia I would def rely on her and trust the process seeing how powerful she is.

For me Sofia is a great example of a person with versatile skillset and huge leadership potential!

Sofia is an extremely impactful team member since she does so many great things for the team apart from coding. She is accountable, she tracks things, she is meticulous and she is easy to work with. The more she gains experience in the field the more she will be able to raise the bar for our firm.


Dear Sofia, big cheers for being our team's Rising Star of the Quarter! As an engineer with a newfound knack for management, you're mixing tech smarts with organizational wizardry in exciting ways. We're loving the glimpses of your management talent and can't wait to see what you'll engineer next. Thanks for keeping our projects on track and adding a spark of fun to our team. Here's to your growing skills and the adventures ahead!

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