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We help our customers take the most out of web and cloud technologies, turn their ideas to useful products and stand out among competition
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From startups to enterprise companies, we collaborate closely with innovators who want to take the most out of modern technologies and guide their businesses to a higher level.

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ux service


UX plays a huge role in our processes and the way we design and develop applications. We follow a user-centric approach by following the users journeys through wireframes and clickable prototypes, since we know that the end-users are the ones who will judge in the end the usefulness of our work.

devops service


We use modern cloud services like AWS ECS and RDS alongside techniques like Infrastructure as Code with Terraform to ensure the scalability and the longevity of the applications we build. Through these we shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.

web service

Web Development

We use state of the art web technologies like ReactJS and VueJS and mature MVC frameworks like Python Django and PHP Laravel, to deliver Rich Internet Applications with optimal performance, great user experience and appealing interfaces that can scale and serve multiple tenants across the globe.

mobile service

Mobile Development

Mobile development world has changed vastly in the last years and we couldn't stay behind because of our expertise in modern technologies. Through React Native and Ionic we can pretty much use the same stack to build in parallel a web and a mobile application by reducing the cost and the complexity hugely.