From startups to enterprise companies, we collaborate closely with innovators who want to take the most out of modern technologies and guide their businesses to a higher level.

Conversational Solutions

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Omilia provides first-class NLU-enabled IVR & natural dialogue interaction solutions to enterprises.

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Customers Authentication & Fraud Prevention

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Futurae makes the authentication process easier and safer for users and companies.

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Entertainment Industry

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ORFIUM is a tech company that provides top-notch software, data, and licensing solutions for the entertainment industry.

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Recruiting, Training and Project Delivery Services

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Code.Hub is a Recruitment Agency, a Learning & Development partner, an Extended Team, and a Project Delivery expert in the Tech Industry.

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Online Pharmacy

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Carespot is a modern pharmacy network that takes care of customers all over Greece.

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Music Distribution

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Stay Independent is a record label with a unique approach that introduces a new kind of music company for a new world.

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Restaurant Management System

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Software Solutions

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Accountants Training Services

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Mobile Marketing Solutions

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Supply Chain & Logistics

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Agricultural Technology Solutions

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Global Retailer

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Maritime Emotional Center

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Security Systems

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Engineering and DevOps

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Maritime Technology Solutions

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Media Technology Solutions

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Furniture Retailer

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Research Institute

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Non-profit Organization

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Non-profit Organization

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Non-profit Organization

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Physiotherapy Laboratory

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Law Services

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A digital diver

HelloWorld PC is a boutique IT organization that is making a bold statement in the tech world because of the way our team does things. I am thrilled to be part of such an initiative that motivates me hugely and forces me to become a more impactful teammate every single day. Furthermore, the fully-remote environment suits my personal life needs and gives me the opportunity to be there for my family whenever they need me which is really important to me.

Head of Delivery and Product Strategist