Elevate Your Inbox Management

Discover the future of email organization. Our powerful features redefine how you manage your inbox, offering a seamless and efficient experience.

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Transform Your Inbox into a Smart Workspace

Experience the power of Emails Classifier, where advanced classifications, streamlined communication to stakeholders and automated answers converge. Stay organized, save time, and unlock a new level of productivity in your inbox.


Effortlessly categorize your emails with precision. Email Classifier introduces advanced classification tools, enabling you to tag and sort your emails based on custom criteria. Stay organized and in control.

Forwarding to Stakeholders

Streamline communication by automatically forwarding relevant emails to the right stakeholders. Our app ensures that crucial information reaches the right individuals promptly, fostering collaboration and timely decision-making.

Automated Answers

Save time with automated responses. Our app comes equipped with intelligent automated answer capabilities, allowing you to respond to emails with ease. Enhance your efficiency without sacrificing valuable time.

External Services Triggering

Integrate seamlessly with external services. It goes beyond the inbox by allowing you to trigger external services based on email content. Connect with your favorite apps and tools effortlessly for a more connected and productive workflow.

Tailor Your Email Management Experience

Adapt the user interface to match your preferences. Email Classifier App offers a high degree of customization, ensuring that the app aligns seamlessly with your workflow.

Choose how you want to use Email Classifier App. Whether as a standalone product or integrated into your existing system, the flexibility is yours.

Enjoy the freedom to pick and choose the functions that best suit your requirements. You only pay for the features you need, ensuring a cost-effective and tailored solution.

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