Solutions Over Features: No one gives a damn about your product's features

Marios Fakiolas
Marios Fakiolas
Solutions Over Features: No one gives a damn about your product's features

In today's competitive market, the success of a product is significantly influenced by how it is presented to potential customers. At HelloWorld, we understand that while features are important, they are not the primary factor that convinces customers to make a purchase. Instead, presenting use cases and solutions that address specific customer problems is crucial. This approach shifts the focus from what the product can do, to how it can make a difference in the customer’s day-to-day challenges. By emphasizing solutions, we cater directly to the needs of our audience, making it easier for them to visualize how our tools fit into their operations and solve pertinent issues.

Features vs Solutions

When discussing our products, it’s tempting to list their innovative features. After all, a lot of time and expertise goes into developing these features. However, this feature-focused presentation often mirrors an engineer's perspective, who is understandably excited about the technical specifications of their creation. But for customers, especially those in decision-making positions, the technical intricacies are less relevant than understanding how the tool will ease their pain points. By aligning our demonstrations with real-world applications, we ensure that our discussions resonate with our clients' needs, ultimately leading to more impactful connections and higher sales conversions.

Engineering vs Problem Solving

At HelloWorld, we strive to position ourselves not just as software engineers, but as problem solvers. This involves a deep understanding of the industries we serve and the specific challenges faced by our clients. Our approach involves presenting each product through detailed use cases that highlight how our technology, be it AI, UI/UX design, or web solutions, can resolve specific issues. This method not only helps in showcasing the practical value of our products but also in establishing credibility and trust with our clients. Demonstrating our deep industry knowledge and commitment to solving real-world problems underscores our reputation as a boutique software house that delivers tailored, effective solutions.

Real life examples

Let's dive into some examples. In one of our products, the Hello Transcriptions, we have established a quite thorough and strict permissions schema. We could talk for ages by highlighting its complexity and how brilliant the logic is under the hood. Guess what? Booooooriiiiing!!! No-one would get interested. I know this really well since I have fallen into this pitfall a bunch of times as a tech person myself.

What if we could follow a different path by highlighting the strength the platform gives to administrators' hands so they have total control over who can access what and when, ensuring that sensitive data are handled properly and that the platform takes seriously privacy and GDPR related matters. Quite different right?

Advanced permissions schema
Advanced permissions schema

Let's see another example. In the same product of ours, Hello Transcriptions, we could talk for ages about the various processing mechanisms the platform offers in order to:

  • transcribe
  • translate
  • redact
  • classify
  • and summarize thousands of dialogs through its batch processing engine

Cool right? Hmmm, not much. What if we say that we give the option to the Call Center Manager to take total control over the dialogs that take place, extract insights and analytics, establish a shift-focus alert system and improve the quality of the services the call center provides? Boom. Sounds like butterflies? It does.

Of course we use advanced AI classifications to categorize dialogs, trigger alerts and extract analytics or create scoreboards for each dialog but this is not that straightforward if we focus on the features themselves. We need to take our narrative one step forward and make clear what value the platform provides through all these features and mechanisms.

Processed dialog results
Processed dialog results


Our strategy of focusing on solutions rather than features is rooted in our core mission to develop user-centric products that address real-life needs through modern technologies. By ensuring that each product release is closely tied to tangible use cases, we not only enhance our product’s market fit but also strengthen our relationships with customers, helping them understand the direct benefits of our solutions in their operational contexts. This approach not only drives our product development but also our sales strategy, proving time and again that solutions, not features, are what truly bring in customers. Cheers!!

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