The power of UI/UX: How Carespot Redefined Online Pharmacy Experiences

Georgia Pandria
Georgia Pandria
UX Expert
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The power of UI/UX: How Carespot Redefined Online Pharmacy Experiences

This article aims to showcase the remarkable success achieved for , an online pharmacy platform, through strategic UI/UX improvements by HelloWorld services. By prioritizing user experience improvements, Carespot not only achieved its goal of meeting accessibility standards but also witnessed a substantial increase in Conversion Rates.

This case study delves into the specifics of the project, highlighting the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the outstanding outcomes achieved.

About Carespot serves as the digital storefront for Ath. Tatsiou-Kechagia & Co Pharmacy, located in Thermo Aitoloakarnanias, Greece. Since its establishment in 1984, this pharmacy has been dedicated to providing exceptional service and knowledgeable guidance to its clientele. Expanding its reach and embracing the digital era, Carespot launched its online pharmacy platform, offering a convenient and accessible way for customers to access a wide range of products and health-related information.

The Requirements and Challenges

  • Meet WCAG 2.1 standards for color contrasts. Ensuring compliance while maintaining visual appeal required meticulous adjustments.

  • Avoid similarity to existing colors. We had to strike a balance between meeting accessibility guidelines and maintaining brand identity.

  • Implementing user-friendly updates across the e-shop, including the addition of border-radius to buttons, was essential. These enhancements aimed to streamline navigation and improve overall user experience.

  • Redesigning the product page demanded careful consideration of existing components and the introduction of new ones. Our goal was to create a cohesive and intuitive layout that facilitated seamless browsing and decision-making for customers.

The Goals

The project's ultimate goals were to achieve the following criteria:

  1. Achieve a perfect score of 100% in color contrast checks according to WCAG 2.1 standards, ensuring optimal accessibility for all users.

  2. Accomplish a significant increase in Conversion Rate, aiming for a growth of over 1.5% within the following year, indicating the effectiveness of the UI/UX improvements in driving customer engagement and sales.

The results

And indeed, we achieved our objectives:

  • The implementation of UI enhancements resulted in a much friendlier interface, enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Through meticulous color selection and application, we ensured proper utilization, with purple indicating clickable elements and primary green used strategically to highlight important information, without overwhelming the visual presentation.

  • Crucially, our efforts resulted in the successful passing of all WCAG 2.1 color contrast checks, demostrating our commitment to accessibility standards.

  • The restructuring of product page information into a more logical order, organized across three columns – two for general product details and one for pricing, loyalty, and additional information – was instrumental in streamlining the browsing experience.

  • Most notably, these enhancements drove a remarkable 5.2% increase in Conversion Rate, demonstrating the tangible impact of our improvements on customer engagement and sales.

  • The positive feedback collected from customers further validates the effectiveness of our efforts in enhancing user satisfaction and overall usability.

Screenshots from before (picture 1) and after (picture 2) of the Ui improvements.
Screenshots from before (picture 1) and after (picture 2) of the Ui improvements.


In conclusion, Carespot's success story highlights the transformative impact of strategic UI/UX improvements. By prioritizing accessibility, usability, and visual appeal, the online pharmacy platform achieved remarkable results, including a substantial increase in Conversion Rate. Through meticulous attention to detail and a customer-centric approach, Carespot is setting a new standard for online pharmacy platforms, reaffirming its commitment to exceptional service and user satisfaction.

As technology evolves, HelloWorld and its services will continue to innovate to ensure continued success in meeting customer needs in the digital age.

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