Athens, February 06, 2023

To whom it may concern

Futurae was created in 2016 as an ETH-Zurich spin-off. Futurae has the goal to make the authentication process easier and safer for users and companies. Futurae offers companies a comprehensive Authentication Platform with AI-based authentication and regulatory-compliant products (e.g. PSD2/SCA). These products reduce user friction, improve the overall user experience and reduce support costs for companies.

In 2018, Futurae decided to cooperate with HelloWorld PC in order to build a demanding and complex web application regarding two-factor authentication. We were impressed by the front-end development services we received from HelloWorld PC. HelloWorld PC developed high-quality, reusable, fully-tested, and maintainable code in VueJS. After the first successful cooperation, we were accustomed to turning to HelloWorld PC for a different range of services. Till this moment HelloWorld PC has been managing our website, creating JavaScript SDKs, and delivering features for a couple of Ruby on Rails applications for us. Futurae and HelloWorld PC work in an Agile way having weekly milestones. Futurae made the right decision by choosing HelloWorld PC services back then, and to this date, we appreciate our cooperation.

Through the high-quality output of HelloWorld PC, Futurae is convinced that the HelloWorld PC team has been using the latest web technologies quite efficiently and with great performance. HelloWorld PC not only fulfilled our initial requests but also offered creative solutions that helped us grow even more and improve the quality of our product.

HelloWorld PC is a valuable partner of our company so we will keep using their services. I can recommend HelloWorld PC to all organizations that need top-rated front-end and back-end web development.

Nikos Karapanos

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CTO & co-founder