Your Ultimate Transcription Solution

Revolutionize the way you manage old audio dialogs. From flawless transcriptions and secure redactions to extensive classifications, precise summarizations, and insightful analytics.

Our app is designed for precision, security, and a tailored experience.

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Unlock the world of transcription

Supports an extensive array of languages including, but not limited to:


Tailor Your Transcription Experience with Personalization

Our transcription app isn't just a one-size-fits-all solution; it's a versatile platform that adapts to your unique needs. Experience the power of customization across every facet of your transcription journey.

Tailored Transcriptions

Experience transcriptions in a multitude of languages and accents. Our advanced technology ensures an exceptionally low error rate, providing accuracy and reliability across a diverse range of languages.

Redaction Freedom

Customize your redactions for ultimate control. Define parameters and keywords for automatic redaction, or manually redact specific sections based on your content. Your data, your rules.

Flexible Classifications

Create your own classification system to match your organizational structure. Whether it's client names, project codes, or any unique identifier.

Summarization that Fits

Tailor your summaries to capture the essence you need. Focus on specific keywords, topics, or sentiment. Say goodbye to generic summaries, and hello to content that speaks to you.

Analytics Insights

Craft custom analytics that highlight the metrics that matter most to you. Whether it's tracking specific keywords, measuring content sentiment, or monitoring speaker patterns.

Translate Your Transcriptions

With integrated translation service, bridge language gaps and ensure your transcriptions resonate globally. Translate with precision, maintain accuracy, and break down language barriers.

Billing reports based on billing events

Our platform meticulously tracks all processing events, forming the backbone of our billing model.

This approach guarantees comprehensive monthly reporting, emphasizing transparency and the absence of hidden fees. Our commitment to clarity ensures that clients receive detailed and accurate billing information.

Revision Control

Embrace precision and collaboration with our state-of-the-art Revision Control feature. It enables seamless tracking of all changes, ensuring historical accuracy and effortless management of your project's evolution.

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