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Our Services

Our services cover the full spectrum of the software and cloud development which gives us the competitive advantage to provide holistic solutions to challenging problems.

Software Consulting

The increasing complexity and cost required to build modern applications has made Software Architecture more important than ever.

We know how important it is to establish a plan early enough by following the next steps:

  • analyze user flows
  • create design documents
  • run some Research and Development cycles to spot flaws early enough
  • create Proof of Concepts to test ideas with low cost
  • pick the right technologies
  • design DB schema
  • set clear goals that will give the maximum value to the end-user
  • set realistic milestones having in mind the end goals

We provide software consulting services to startups and well-established tech organizations, so we can help their teams build the right plan, avoid pitfalls, design and prepare first and then do solid steps towards their high goal while reducing risk and costs hugely.

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UX Consulting

Building modern applications nowadays means one thing: user is king. This is why we design and develop user-centric applications by having users and their needs in mind constantly.

The steps we follow are:

  • run a Discovery phase upfront
  • analyze user flows by creating users stories
  • create wireframes and clickable prototypes
  • do UX research
  • run A/B tests
  • follow a mobile-first approach
  • prepare a design system with detailed scales according to every application's needs

We provide UX consulting services to startups and well-established tech organizations, so we can help their teams approach every application with the right mindset by having the user in mind throughout all phases and deliver eventually useful applications that solve actual problems.

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Product Development

Developing a product is a very demanding procedure since various technologies and services should be combined while one or more teams of people should collaborate smoothly in order to achieve the organization's high goal while turning the wheel constantly to align with market's needs.

That is why we use Agile techniques like Scrum and Extreme Programming in order to form cross-functional team(s) with various skills and expertises, minimize the risk with on-going release cycles and ensure their success eventually.

We provide end-to-end support throughout all design, development and release steps to startups and well-established tech organizations, so we can build useful products for them with state of the art technologies that can scale and evolve according to their users needs.

After all, we aim for long-term relationships with our customers so this is why we care about the maintainability of the products we build on their behalf.

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Product Design

Designing products and modern applications is quite challenging since the designers need to think out of the box more than ever before by having the end-users needs constantly in mind.

A typical mistake that takes place in the tech world is that graphic designers take the responsibility to prepare designs and mockups for web applications but the truth is that a web designer needs a totally different set of skills and expertises to do this accurately.

Our UX experts have a great background in designing user-centric interfaces, understand how technology works under the hood so they know its restrictions and above all they design interactive views that will be presented through a monitor to the end-users.

We provide product design services to startups and well-established tech organizations, so we can design wireframes, clickable prototypes, high-fidelity mockups or prepare design systems on their behalf, ready to be implemented by their - or even our - engineering teams.

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Software Modernization

There are tons of outdated software applications out there facing various security vulnerabilities or preventing their owners to fulfill customers needs.

This is actually very bad from business-perspective and we understand how difficult the situation is for the owners of such applications.

We provide Software Modernization services to startups and well-established tech organizations, so they can upgrade their applications procedurally by minimizing the risk involved, take the most out of modern technologies and be able to adapt to their customers needs eventually.

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For us it is important to work with you and help you understand how you can take the most out of modern technologies and techniques.

We are building user-centric software so everything starts and ends with the user in mind. That is why for us UX is extremely important and this is why we push our clients towards this direction so they learn how to listen to their customers needs.

We provide Training services to startups and well-established tech organizations, so we can help them cultivate the right mindset to ship qualitative and functional software that can scale and adapt fast to the ever growing needs of their customers.

The user-centric mindset is our compass.

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